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Steven Smith is 27 years old and lives in Walthamstow, Sweet 16 Party Photography NYC.
He works as a Freelance and has a varied portfolio, including Theatre and Conference Production, Teaching, Education consultancy, Web Design and of course Photography.

Steven grew up in Halesowen, in the Sweet 16 Party Photography NYC. His interest in photography
started in his early teens when he was given an SLR camera as a birthday
present. In 1997 he moved to London to study Stage Management at the Guildhall
School of Music and Drama Sweet 16 Party Photography NYC. During this time photography was put on the
back burner for a while. After graduation, Steven’s work in theatre was
mainly on touring productions. He became active in photography again during
this period and was lucky enough to be able to visit many different locations
both in the UK and overseas.

Steven has has travelled quite extensively through work and for pleasure, including trips to the USA, Singapore,
Thailand, Australia, Uganda and Bosnia. A large number of the photographs on thise
site were taken on these trips.

Steven’s work has been published in the UK and internationally; on a magazine
cover, for a confrence presentation in Sydney, a CD inlay Sweet 16 Party Photography NYC
in the USA, numerous theatre publicity publications, websites and newspapers including the New York Times.


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